Job Description

POSITION: Science Technician/ Research Associate – Discovery Biology

REPORTS TO: Head of Discovery Biology



The Science Technician/Research Associate will be a junior member of Discovery Biology, which interrogates the efficacy and safety of our cell therapy in a range of sophisticated in vitro assays and in vivo models.
The successful candidate will be lab-based and will work with scientists across Discovery Biology. They will develop skills listed below to accomplish the key responsibilities of this role.
The applicant should be comfortable with a fast-paced, dynamic working environment. The candidate requires good communication skills to interact with the rest of the company.

• Routine differentiation of iPSC cells and characterisation via flow cytometry, western blot, ELISA, and IF.
• Aseptic cell culture (thawing, passaging, freezing) to maintain stocks of iPSCs and somatically differentiated cells.
• Assay validation, protocol authoring and running of standardised assays.
• Cataloguing frozen cell samples (barcoding, indexing and inventory management)
• Reagent ordering, safekeeping, and inventory
• Timely, accurate recording and analysis of results and compliance with data integrity procedures.
• Timely presentation of data to the department and wider company.
• Contribution to critical interpretation of data to draw results driven hypotheses, with influence on project/function direction.
• Working to existing SOPs and risk assessments and contribution to generating new ones as appropriate.
• Adoption of software, instruments, automation, and ways of working which help further improve data robustness & data meta-analysis.


Education, Experience and knowledge

• Experience with flow cytometry.
• Transfection and/or transduction of mammalian cells.
• CAR signalling in immune cells.
• iPSC differentiation.
• Developing assays for detection of cytokines.
• ELISA and western blot.
• Data analysis tools such as GraphPad

Skills and Competencies

• An ambitious scientist seeking an impactful role who relishes the opportunities and challenges of working in a start-up biotechnology company.
• Desire to apply and further develop your skills and knowledge in a new and novel area of medicine development.
• Scientific drive, technical ability, autonomy & confidence, backed by solid topical knowledge and project experience.
• Ability to adapt easily and take a flexible approach as required in an ever-changing environment.
• Proficiency with critical interpretation of data and implementation of next series of steps in experimental cascade.
• Communication in a clear, well-structured, and professional manner with key stakeholders within company on a regular basis.
• Contribution to authoring of technical and science reports which will feed into IND filings.
• Awareness of latest scientific literature in company-relevant projects and general scientific areas.
• Contribution to enable innovation which may result in new intellectual property.